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Flat Foot Reconstruction

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If you’re living with flat feet and they regularly cause you pain, you’re probably a good candidate for flatfoot reconstruction surgery. At Birch Tree Foot and Ankle in Traverse City and Manistee, Michigan, fellowship-trained foot and ankle surgeons Jeffrey Weber, DPM, and Randy Hartman, DPM, regularly perform flatfoot reconstruction surgery. To request your consultation, call the office, or use the online booking feature today. It’s the first step toward a more active and pain-free life.

What is flat foot reconstruction surgery?

Flat foot reconstruction surgery is a type of orthopedic surgery used to repair the bones, tendons, and ligaments in your foot that support the arch. 

It works to improve the alignment of your foot and restore normal pressure when standing and walking. This type of surgery can also reduce pain and improve your mobility.

Am I a good candidate for flat foot reconstruction surgery?

To determine if you’re a good candidate for flat foot reconstruction surgery, make an appointment with the team at Birch Tree Foot and Ankle.

Following a thorough exam of your feet and ankles, a discussion of your symptoms, and a review of your medical history, your provider develops a care plan that aligns with your individual needs. Whenever possible, they use conservative measures of care such as rest, immobilization, and custom-made orthotics. However, if your pain persists, surgery may be necessary.

Are there different types of flat foot reconstruction surgery?

The team at Birch Tree Foot and Ankle offers several types of flat foot reconstruction surgery. The kind you’ll most benefit from depends on the source of your discomfort. For example, some surgeries work to correct deformities with your bones, while others repair ligaments and tendons. 

Depending on your symptoms, your provider might recommend:

  • Medializing calcaneal osteotomy
  • Lateral column lengthening
  • First tarsal-metatarsal fusion
  • Tendon and ligament procedures
  • Double or triple arthrodesis  

Before moving forward with surgery, your foot and ankle surgeon explains the entire treatment process and what to expect. 


What is recovery like following flat foot reconstruction surgery?

Following your flat foot reconstruction surgery, your provider puts your affected leg in a cast or splint. During the first two weeks of recovery, it’s important you keep your foot elevated. Afterward, he removes your sutures and replaces your cast with a walking boot. 

Once you receive your walking boot, you need to avoid putting your full weight on it for 6-8 weeks. At week 8, you can slowly ease into any weight-bearing activity if your provider gives you the okay. Make sure to attend all of your follow-up appointments and take your medications as prescribed. Slowly but surely, you’ll return to your full range of motion and normal quality of life. 

To learn more about the benefits of flat foot reconstruction surgery, request an appointment at Birch Tree Foot and Ankle by calling the office or using the online booking feature today.